We at Sulfateq are very proud to have reached the finals out of more than twenty applications. The Innovation Award is awarded to the innovation with the most impact in the field of Life Sciences & Health. During the final on September 27, we will pitch our innovative idea to the jury one last time.

Sulfateq is competing with a groundbreaking compound; SUL-238. With this we are working on a treatment against Alzheimer’s Disease. We found the inspiration for this treatment in nature; namely  in hibernators such as hedgehogs and bears. Winter sleep offers hibernating species the possibility to survive harsh environmental conditions, such as periods of low food availability or
periods of extreme low temperatures. Interestingly, hibernators possess protective mechanisms that allows them to withstand or repair organ damage that occurred during hibernation, whereas non-hibernators do not possess such protective mechanisms. It led to the filing of a new Alzheimer patent in 2021 and an accelerated preclinical development, in collaboration with GEN İlaç, a leading speciality pharmaceutical company in Turkey,  to launch a First In Human trial soon.