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An innovative biotechnology research company that is developing breakthrough compounds for the prevention of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI).


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Preventing AKI by hibernation

Our compounds emerged from research on hibernation and provide a new mechanism of action for cell protection, organ protection and prophylactic use and they have a huge potential to support drug development for AKI prevention. Sulfateq BV has conducted successful animal studies using its SUL-compounds to inhibit the occurrence of kidney injury following damage. SUL-138 is focused around AKI during invasive (heart) surgery, as successful prophylactic treatment will increase post-operative survival rate and decrease the hospitalization costs. We therefore see huge potential to address this major organ related medical need with SUL-compounds based drug development. At this moment Sulfateq is engaged in final pre-clinical development of SUL-138, i.e. safety pharmacology, while drafting proposals for Phase I and Phase II clinical studies.


New publication: The effect of SUL-121 towards donor kidneys

The first publication of 2019 is a fact, D. Nakladal from the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) investigated the effects of SUL-121 and its enantiomers SUL-150 and SUL-151 on vasorelaxation in porcine intrarenal arteries. Enantiomers are molecules with a same...

BIO-Europe 2018 – November 5-7

BIO-Europe is coming up in less than 2 weeks. Will you be there? If so, make sure that you schedule a meeting with our director Kees van der Graaf. We would be delighted to meet to explore ways that our SUL-compounds could help preventing acute kidney injury. Please...

Hibernation research leads to new medicines

Hibernation research leads to new medicines preventing Alzheimer, Diabetes Type 2 and acute kidney injury ‘Kidney tubule cells from hibernators have an increased resistance to oxidative stress compared to non-hibernators. Based on our research into hibernation, we...


Why hibernation?

We are inspired by the principles of hibernation. During hibernation mamals protect their body against threatening conditions. Our research has proved that hibernation can also be used for protecting cells, organs an organisms. That is why we use its natural protection process against cooling and rewarming to develop therapeutic applications.


A direct application of our compounds is protecting organs and body during major surgeries. Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) can occur during various medical operations, one of which is cardiac surgery. We regard this medical need as the most direct opportunity for the application of SUL-compounds as a medical prophylactic treatment.

Investment opportunity

There is no therapy available for kidney protection, or organ protection in general, during major surgery. With our SUL-138 compound we can change this. To advance the clinical development we are seeking investors who we can offer a high-profit business model with high-potential opportunities focussing on pharmaceutical blockbuster markets.

Why does Acute Kidney Injury matter?

Acute Kidney Injury is the sudden loss of kidney function and it affects more than 1.2 million people each year in the United States alone. It occurs in different situations and is particularly frequent in patients hospitalized for major surgery. Currently there is no therapy or drugs available for the protection against AKI during major surgery.

Affects 1/3 of cardiac patients

Increases hospital costs

Lengthens hospital stay

Increases readmission rate

Rises mortality for 10x

Meet Our Team

Kees van der Graaf

Kees van der Graaf

President & CEO

Serial entrepreneur specialized in the start-up of prospering companies / products in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological field

Guido Krenning

Guido Krenning


Passionate researcher with extensive knowledge about the cardiovascular system, tissue engineering and molecular biology.

André Goossens

André Goossens


Financial expert with vast international experience. His main expertise lies in corporate and financial management.

Pieter Vogelaar

Pieter Vogelaar


Eager scientist developing models to unravel the mechanism behind the protective effects of SUL-compounds.

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