At Sulfateq, we know that working in collaboration with others is essential to accelerate the development of innovative new medicines. We pursue the newest science, both within our labs and through partnerships across an extensive international clinical and academic network. Together, we explore new avenues of science and share knowledge on mitochondrial dysfunction in non-communicable diseases to facilitate the development of innovative new treatments for patients.

Sulfateq has established strategic collaborations and partnerships with main academic research centers specialized in (chronic) kidney disease, heart failure, COPD and neurological disorders. We are looking for additional partnership opportunities in the field of chronic inflammation.

Open science program

Sulfateq coordinates and participates in several (inter)national research and educational initiatives with academic and industrial partners. If you are interested in being part of these initiatives, if you would like to explore what our SUL compounds can do in your disease area, or if you like to learn more about our science, please contact our CSO Dr. Guido Krenning to discuss the opportunity.

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