Lab workingSulfateq has developed a Platform Technology. The series of Sulfateq Compounds comprise chemical structures, which have possible applications in:

Drug Development

  • Acute Kidney Injury
  • COPD
  • Diabetes II / Obesity
  • Ischemia Reperfusion – inflammation control
  • Other running developments, not yet disclosed.

Medical devices

  • Transplantation – organ preservation
  • Blood platelets – preservation
  • Cell & tissue engineering – tumor growth control

Research & Development

  • Cell and tissue preservation
  • Transporting cells at 2-8° C in a cold chain vs. freezing
  • Storage of cells in the fridge
  • Extension of shelf-life of cells
  • Increase of time window for Quality Control or production
  • 1st available product ROKEPIE®
HEK293 cells stored at 4 degrees celsius

HEK293 cells stored at 4 degrees celsius