Research & Development

Lab workingPreserve cells and tissue at 2-8° C

Sulfateq has identified SUL compounds, which facilitates mammalian cells to enter the natural hibernation phase. This has led to the development of a revolutionary product which preserve cells or tissue at low temperature: ROKEPIE®-FD01. This product is now available for R&D use as a RUO-product only.

When ROKEPIE® is added to standard cell culture medium, cells or tissue can be stored, transported or shipped at 2-8°C using a fridge for storage and a cold chain for safe transportation.

ROKEPIE® is the first cell preservation product that supports growth at 37°C. No need to cool before adding & no need to remove before rewarming. It supports cell growth, limits viability loss and is non-toxic.

The product is tested in HEK293 cells, CaCo cells, NRK52E cells, HUVECShSy5Y cells and MS5 cells (mouse).

Possible Applications

  • Cell and tissue preservation
  • Transporting cells at 2-8° C in a cold chain vs. frozen (cryo) transportation
  • Storage of cells and tissue at 2-8° C in the fridge vs. cryostorage
  • Extension of shelf-life of cells
  • Increase of time window for Quality Control or production
  • 1st available product ROKEPIE®