We are happy to share a new article about our product ROKEPIE which can be used to preserve cells and tissues during transport and storage. A direct comparison of HypoThermosol® and ROKEPIE was recently published in PlosONE. Freitas Robero from the group of Prof. Rui Reis (CEO of the European Institute of Excellence on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine) used both agents for their intended application: The hypothermic preservation of cells for multiple days. The authors found that ROKEPIE best safeguarded the differentiation characteristics of the cells. If we include the prices of both agents, we think ROKEPIE is clearly favored at 40% of the price of HypoThermosol®.

The authors found that both agents were proficient in their intended goal of safeguarding cell viability but that only ROKEPIE was able to preserve the differentiation characteristics of human adipose tissue derived stem cells (hADSC). Read more about the article and ROKEPIE on our ROKEPIE website by clicking here.