Market Potential

COPD Inhaler
Drug Development

This is the area we mainly focus on. We have identified huge potential with our SUL-compounds for drug development targeting the treatment of COPD (estimated market size of € 500 million–2 billion) and Ischemia Reperfusion (major surgery/anesthesia, estimated market size of € 2-40 million).

Next to these blockbuster markets we have conducted succesful priliminary studies to establish the potential of using the compounds for Diabetes/Obesity and hemorrhagic fever.


Blood cells_W
Medical Devices

We are using an innovative platform technology for the application of our SUL-compounds. Therefore the potential is diverse and huge.

Next to the drug development for blockbuster markets, our studies have shown succecful application of our SUL-compounds for the blood products (like the storage of platelets – estimated market size of €2-10 million) and organ preservation & transportation markets (estimated market size of €2-10 million). 

Research & Development

ROKEPIE® is the first commercial product we developed using a SUL_compound and is available for the R&D market as a RUO-product. ROKEPIE® is currently in its market introduction phase with a large number of companies, universities and other institutes succesfully testing / using it for different applications.

ROKEPIE® can be used to store, transport or ship mammalian cells and tissue at 2-8°C. Different studies have shown its use for extended shelf-life, transportation between facilities, worldwide shipment and extra time to conduct proper quality control. All at 2-8°C using the fridge or cold chain transport.