In the range of compounds for protecting organs from Sulfateq a new paper is published.

We are proud to announce that Dr. L.E. (Leo) Deelman (UMCG) has published his paper on the protective effects of our SUL-121 compound in diabetes. SUL-121 preserves endothelial function and inhibits progression of kidney damage in type 2 diabetes mellitus in mice. In other words, SUL-121 is a compound that protects organs and blood vessels (it prevents the vessels from narrowing) in mice with diabetes. This is potentially very interesting for applications in diabetes and surgery.

SUL-121 provides two major benefits. The first is the attenuated progression of albuminuria and the limited extent of diabetes related renal damage in the db/db model of T2DM. Secondly, SUL-121 inhibited the development of endothelial dysfunction and normalized systemic ROS formation, which was supported by in-vitro experiments.

This is a next Proof of Concept of our SUL compounds, this time in a mouse model. Earlier the SUL-compound was already successful in a hamster model.

You can download the paper through this link, please share your thoughts with us.