figondmd_logoNext Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, drug development will be the key issue in Ede, the Netherlands. It’s time for the 16th edition of the FIGON Dutch Medicines Days (, a prestigious event focussing on the most recent innovations in healthcare and pharmaceutical medicine.The FIGON Dutch Medicines Days are a unique opportunity for everyone interested in drug development to update their knowledge on a wide range of topics.

I have listed 5 tips on how visiting this event will update your knowledge of Drug Research and Innovation in just 3 days.

Tip 1: Visit the event
Register and attend! An interesting program has been put together with a large variety of (international) speakers and topics regarding innovative drug research.

Tip 2: Listen to lectures
Check the day programs online and decide upfront which plenary lectures you’d like to attend. Don’t miss the last lecture on Monday: Dopamine and SUL-121 protect kidney against in vivo hypothermia/rewarming-induced injury via CBS/H2S pathway. My colleague Pieter Vogelaar has been involved in this study.

Tip 3: Check out the posters
The FIGONDMD is an excelent event for a start-up like Sulfateq B.V. to be present and spread the word of hibernation technology for use in drug development and pharmaceutical medicine. Poster number 97 “A new class of compounds for the protection of cells during storage at 2-8°C” will be presented by Sulfateq / ROKEPIE® colleague Pieter Vogelaar. Pieter is also involved in two other related posters: poster no. 17 (Dopamine and SUL-121 protect against DNA damage during cellular hypothermia and rewarming in cultured smooth muscle cells) and no. 80 (Exploration of anti-flammatory and broncho-relaxing properties of SUL-121). Check out the overview of all Sulfateq related activities.

Tip 4: Expand your network
There are ample opportunities to network and get in touch with relevant people and organisations. During the coffee breaks you can visit the exhibitor booths to get updated on the latest products and services. There are also scheduled network meetings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday you could join.

Tip 5: Set your objectives
Before visiting, take some time to define your objectives of this event. Do you want to learn about a specific topic or meet a particular person? Maybe you would like to introduce yourself to a certain company or organisation. By setting some goals you will choose the right activities, spend your time effectively  and make the most of your visit to this event.

I hope you will enjoy this event, the topics, the presentations, the posters (including ours) and all the other activities!

Kind regards,

Sonja van der Veen – Sulfateq BV

P.S. The FIGON Dutch Medicines Days are organised by the FIGON (Netherlands Federation for Innovative Drug Research). The federation, based in Woerden, the Netherlands, enhances already existing initiatives, signalizes new developments in this area of expertise and actively promotes its mission. FIGON is open for all relevant actors within this context.