Possible Applications

The main focus of SUL-138 is the prevention of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) during cardiac surgery. There is currently no prophylaxis available which protects the kidney from injury during major surgery, nor are these available for other organ injuries. With the development of SUL-138 AKI can prevented.

Moreover, SUL-138 also has multiple applications in other therapeutic areas such as:

Drug development applications:


Medical devices

Based on the hibernation technology and its chemistry, Sulfateq has identified other potential areas for further development with the defined SUL-compounds. For both markets there is a real medical need in order to improve growing health issues.

Prolonged storage of organs at 2-8˚C

Prolonged storage of human blood platelets

Research and development

Protect and preserve cells at low temperature

Other Indications for SUL Treatment, diseases associated with mitochondrial dysfunction: