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About Sulfateq

Sulfateq BV is an innovative biotechnology research company, located in the north of the Netherlands. It was founded in April, 2011 by Drs. Kees van der Graaf, an industrial pharmacist and successful entrepreneur in biotech-start ups. The company’s core business is to exploit a revolutionary, disruptive technology, based on the identification of compounds grounded on research the natural mechanism in hibernation, by studying mammals in their hibernation state.

The technical applications of Sulfateq’s compounds is based on this natural mechanisms of hibernation, but the intellectual property of the mechanisms initiated by Sulfateq’s compounds is well protected by patents. This revolutionary technology focusses on the control of cell growth and metabolism by a chemical bioregulator.

The series of Sulfateq compounds comprise chemical structures, which have applications in:

  • hypothermic cell-, tissue- and organ preservation
  • cell- and tissue growth regulation
  • inflammation control

Our team has a lot of experience in the medical market and on board are internationally known clinicians who work for the University Medical Hospital clinic (UMCG Groningen) and have extensive experience with clinical trials, especially in kidney diseases. We also keep close contact with a worldwide network of research collaborations including a cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA) with the US Army Institute of Surgical Research. You can read more about our team on this page.

Want to know what we are working on? Please visit the following pages:

Drug development applications:

Acute Kidney Injury
COPD and chronic inflammation
Diabetes II

Medical devices:

Prolonged storage of organs at 2-8˚C
Prolonged storage of human blood platelets

Research and development:

Preserve cells and tissue at 2-8° C